Tech for Business Security

It’s no secret that starting, growing and managing a business takes a whole lot of determination and hard work. As a business owner, it is common to feel exceptionally joyful yet protective of this company you’ve invested a lot of money and time into, in the office building itself, into the furniture within it and also the tech-savvy devices you’ve purchased to make sure your employees can do the very best job possible. If you are a high-tech laser skin clinic business with sophisticated low level laser therapy devices you want to ensure your property is secure and not lose any of your expensive investments.

Thanks to the latest developments in smart technology, businesses have realised the benefit of taking on the technological trends and being at the forefront of their industries. Highly developed technology and the Internet of Things has contributed  to the increased efficiency of business as well as the enhancement of business safety and business security systems.

As homeowners we ensure that our houses are safe and burglar-proof and protected against dangers like fire, however, as business owners, why are we implementing the same safety measures? In fact, with the quantity of expensive technology and equipment companies have, it may be argued that companies have more to lose if their properties do not have substantial security and safety measures in place. At home, we have sophisticated automatic gates around our property and strong gate locks out the front, but are we ignoring safety at our businesses?

So, how should companies be using smart technologies to keep their business property and contents as secure and safe as possible?

Use technologies to oversee the office remotely
Whether you’re out of town for a business trip, operating from home or on a well-deserved holiday, it is expected for you to feel concerned about whether what’s in order in your absence. With smart technologies, business owners are able to set their minds at ease and manage the office remotely. Smart security programs which link wirelessly to cameras enable you to view regions of your office and property directly from a smartphone, from anywhere around the globe with an internet connection.

As smart safety cameras become more and more popular and capable, they are programmed to identify suspicious actions and send a notification to relevant parties via text or email to their smartphone for instant action. The video recording feature of the camera means you can replay the footage back as many times as you need, to identify the offender. Another similar tech device to smart cameras is smart alarms that have motion detectors to sense movement after office hours. Similarly it can digitally send notifications to the business owner when triggered, however, there is no video footage recorded. These smart devices are integrated with safety management software that is easy to use so don’t worry if you are challenged by technology, it is very straightforward to you can even get a company to manage for you at additional costs.

With both a safety camera and a wise alarm kit working round the clock to maintain your property safe and protected when no employees are on the job, business owners can concentrate on running their business instead of worrying about security and safety measures.

Your very own flying CCTV

This wise tech device is very helpful for owners of big businesses that occupy a lot of lands, like a factory. Whilst smart security cameras can be installed all around the region, a flying drone may take security levels one step further. Drones can take on safety watch duties and keep watch of your business property by flying high above and monitoring the surrounding area, they can also follow intruders as well as video record any suspicious individuals and stream the video straight to a device.

For smaller sized business, a drone may not be necessary and can be too expensive to invest in if you don’t have a huge property or budget. In that case, technology like a smart security light or smart detector may be more tailored to your business safety needs. A simple smart light at the front door can deter intruders by letting them know that you have safety devices in place. Kuna’s security lighting unites both a safety camera and a mild; it begins recording 10 minutes prior to an event is triggered so you can observe the entire footage of any suspicious activity, and you can choose what you want to happen when the device is triggered, like the sound an alarm or call law enforcement.

No key?

If you, or a few members of your staff, are guilty of shedding your office keys from time to time causing a lot of issues with the danger of thieves and replacing keys and locks, smart locks, virtual keys, and geofencing technology may be your saviour. These technological tools enable your staff and yourself to enter and depart the property without a traditional hardware key, as long as they possess a smart-phone. August’s smart lock allows several people onto its platform and provides each person with their own virtual key, so they could lock and unlock a new door using only their own smartphone. Similarly, geofencing technology acts as an invisible security perimeter for a set location, usually, the business and lets business owners know via notifications when someone enters or leaves the set perimeter, catching out any after-hours intruders.

GPS technology

GPS devices have existed for a while now, but nowadays there is a multitude of uses for GPS aside from giving you directions from one place to another. One such use is vehicle GPS tracking real time which allows business owners to track their fleet and monitor their progress to the destination in real time. Business owners can, therefore, keep track of their employees and ensure their safety on the road as well as contact them due to any obstacles.

As a company owner, your time ought to be spent on growing your business and managing employees, and should not be absorbed by concerns over your house’s security and safety. We’re already seeing smart tech shape safety systems which are making our companies more burglar and risk-proof than ever before, and we can only hope to find this technology continue to advance.