Revolutionary Sports Gadgets

Lots of sports stick to tradition, but it does not mean there is not still an area for cool technology and invention, even if it comes to sports like running or basketball. Quite the contrary, in reality, and that’s the reason we’ve rounded up a few of the coolest gadgets which are revolutionising sports. Technology can help us be more informed and enhance our game is many ways.


A great deal of fitness trackers may be utilised as a replacement for personal trainers, allowing you get the information that you want to push yourself harder and tougher, but the Vi headset is really a fitness expert, in fact, it is one based on artificial intelligence. The headset packs in speech recognition so that you don’t need to be worried about fiddly buttons or displays as you’re on the move, and the same as a trainer, it may set your targets, provide insights into what you are doing right and wrong and discuss your physical fitness information with you. Vi is not just intelligent, with Harman Kardon supplying the noise, a good looking design and a maintained all-day battery life. What is not to enjoy this great tech innovation?

ShotTracker Team

Targeted at serious basketball player wanting to truly elevate their performance ShotTracker has the capability to properly improve training. Basketball enthusiasts will be hitting the training court in basketball singlets more than ever after discovering this gadget. As the title cunningly hints, it is about monitoring your own shots, and also the Team application is a coach’s dream, together with detectors for the courtroom, and every individual participant, allowing them use the corresponding program to track literally everything that is happening on the court in real time. Miss a shoot, the Shottracker will give you insights into what you can do differently. There is also an individual variant of ShotTracker, using a wrist detector that blends in with custom basketball uniforms, it captures information about each and every shot and effort you create, and a web sensor to enrol whether these shots are powerful or not.


Running is one of the sport we have seen lots of technological improvements in, together with wearables such as GPS-based watches and exercise trackers proving ever more popular, but RunScribe is promised to be the most innovative running wearable up to now. As opposed to attaching to your body, the very small RunScribe technician attaches to your jogging shoes, giving a few advantages over conventional wearables. For starters, it empowers RunScribe to track the motion of your running, feeding back in your working stroke, left right metrics, impact shock and more. It may also supply details on measure speed, contact time, flight ratio and movement profile information, with a massive selection of metrics available to help make the maximum from your fitness training. It will not monitor your pulse, but it might provide real insight into your running patterns.

Glassy Zone

Glassy Zone is a wearable geared toward serious surfers and made by surfers who know the sport well. It appears like a normal physical fitness band, using fantastic styling and a set of icons which glow throughout the black end, but there is a complete load of smart tech packed away indoors, such as GPS, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope, that empowers Glassy Zone to track precisely what you’re movements is on a surfboard. The outcome? The designers claim it can help you keep tabs on the number of waves that you capture, the time you are riding waves paddling and also the space of each wave you ride. Together with the program, it may allow you to understand what the surfing conditions are similar to, and it tracks the quantity of UV radiation you are being exposed to, permitting you to know when it is time to pack up and head from sunlight.


Athos is your wearable which could change your physical fitness regime forever: it is a part of the rise of smart clothes capable of tracking an extensive selection of bio-metric information, providing you comprehensive insight into your performance at all times. It utilises seamlessly incorporated bio-signal detectors within the clothes that may join to a smartphone to offer a valuable research into just how much effort your muscles are creating, what your heart is left up to and much more. The designers also assert that it is effective at assisting you to execute the ideal exercises, even with the ideal shape at the ideal intensity, and you will see if you are shooting the ideal muscles every time you squat or employ a dead lift. It is like you are working with the best famous personal trainers except it is yourself.